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The Sandgrown Beardsmen HQ can be found at the 279 Church Street Barbers in Blackpool.

The 279 Church Street Barbers is a classic barber’s shop. Proprietor Michael Sowerby provides the Sandgrown Beadsmen with a home from home for their monthly meets. His hospitality and generosity extends beyond providing shelter, warmth and comfort (as desired) to the club members and guests – most importantly there is an iced beer tub to keep our bottles suitably chilled!

During business hours Mr Sowerby performs all that would be expected from a traditional barber; trims, traditional and modern style cuts ‘for the discerning gent’, as well as hot towel shaves and beard and moustache trimming and styling (as one would expect). He also carries a selection of fine product (hair, moustache & beard) for the well groomed man of distinction.

Sandgrown Beardsmen, and visitors to the club meets, are not obliged to be clients of Mr Sowerby & Co., but you may wish to pay him a visit when the need presents itself.

Beard On Brethren!