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The Sandgrown Beardsmen is a club for the growers and lovers of fine facial hair. This eclectic, friendly and welcoming group, based in Blackpool, meets once a month at our Sandgrown Beardsmen HQ to relax, chat and laugh!

New members are always welcome. No beard required!


The Sandgrown Beardsmen had its inaugural meet in 2015 – D-Day was B-Day, 6th June 2015!

The brainchild of Brian Eva, the club’s defacto president (and all round top bloke (don’t tell him we said that)), the club began its embryonic existence in March 2015 as a result of Brian discovering the British Beard Club online – a quirky enough concept to tweak his interest – that and the subsequent revelation that regional and local beard & moustache enclaves were also in evidence. The ball was set rolling.

On the back of that discovery Brian went about forming Blackpool’s first (and to date only) beard & moustache club as a social space for the facially hirsute, and others, to gather from near and far – you don’t have to reside in the unitary authority area (that’s ‘borough’ to the uninitiated) of Blackpool to attend, all are welcome!

Why ‘Sandgrown’?

In broad terms ‘Sandgrown’ relates to anyone born/bred by the sea, often in one of the many coastal  towns of the UK. Generally, it related to the Victorian seaside resorts of the Northwest. Though some say it more specifically refers to those born and bred in Blackpool.

However, the Sandgrown Beardsmen Club welcomes anyone who chooses to hang their headgear on the hat-stand at 279 Church Street Barbers in Blackpool, whether they are truly Sandgrown or no.


Membership of the Sandgrown Beardsmen is informal. Essentially, if you turn up for any of the monthly meets at SB HQ, other social events or competitions in support of the club, you would be considered one of the club brethren.

Members are kept informed primarily through the Sandgrown Beardsmen Facebook Page – we also maintain an Instagram presence as well as a Twitter feed.

For those averse to social media we also publish a regular newsletter, you can subscribe here.

Beard On Brethren!