Sandgrown Charabanc Goes Boss!

The Force is Strong Between the Liverbeards and the Sandgrown Beardsmen.

Saturday 24th March and the Mystery Bus left Blackpool, Liverpool bound. Aboard were not Thelma, Diane, Fred, Shaggy and Scooby but Brian, Michael, Dale, Jonathan, Roger, David, Granville, Ben, Sean, James, Peter and Percy.

Setting out from Beard HQ (279 Church Street Barbers), the journey was relatively short and the conversation lively (with several empties to dispose of on arrival).

First stop, a cocktail bar for an aperitif (just the one at those prices, no names, no pack-drill!), where Dale took an early bath, before the Beardsmen were joined by Glynn. Then on to Red Dog Saloon for some scran.

Once sated and primed for the evening’s shenanigans, the Sandgrown Beardsmen headed down to EBGBs, the site of many a good night, and tonight would chalk up one more.

After doing the paperwork and meeting and greeting old friends and new, everyone settled in for the Boss Championships, taking in a few beers and banter in this subterranean venue, while waiting for their cue to step into the spotlight.

As beard comps go it was welcomingly low key, informal, and fun, but one would expect nothing less from the Liverbeards – hosts of the 2016 British Beard & Moustache Championships (from whom the Sandgrown organising committee of this years Championships have been taking notes).

Talking of #BBMC2018, the Sandgrown Beardsmen met up with one of the Championships’ supporters, British Bearded Baby, who were somewhat larger than anticipated though unsurprisingly hirsute.

Once the show gained its stride Joe, the MC, was forthright and somewhat reminiscent of many a notable comic doing the working men’s club circuit of yore, with material not for their TV audiences. With no (or little) messing about the rounds cracked on until everyone had had their chance to impress the judges and entertain the spectators. As such, beards & ‘taches were oggled and fondled in equal measure, whether natural or ‘Handmade‘.

Also worth mentioning that while the Sandgrown Beardsmen are, in the main, sartorially elegant it was Mr Hayhurst’s triceratops jumper that caught many an eye with accompanying comment (all positive, we might add, well, almost all), before, during and after he presented his whiskers for review.

The showing over, it was time for a musical interlude from a rather fine ensemble, and the raffle – to which the Sandgrown Beardsmen had donated a few beers, courtesy of Mr Michael Sowerby of 279 Church Street Barbers and the Tawlboat Brewery, along with a pair of tickets for the British Beard & Moustache Championships in August (being won by Karl & Stephanie – see you in August guys!).

And so to the results. Safe to say that the 12 Sandgrown reps didn’t disappoint, taking seven trophies in all, across four of the five categories;

Moustache – 3rd – Mr McCormick

Beard longer than 6″ – 2nd – Mr Knowles

Beard longer than 6″ – 3rd – Mr Murphy

Beard shorter than 6″ – 1st – Mr Morris

Beard shorter than 6″ – 2nd – Mr Taylor

7 Day Beard – 1st – Mr Hayhurst

7 Day Beard – 2nd -Mr Smith

The business of the evening concluded, it was time for a few ‘for the road’, shits & giggles, conversations and heartfelt wishes to see everyone at EBGBs in the Empress Ballroom come August. Then it was adieu from the Sandgrown Beardsmen, hearty congratulations to our hosts, the Liverbeards, for an evening well spent, and back onto the Mystery Bus for a safe journey home to Blackpool.

Until next year Liverpool, thank you and good night!

Beard On Brethren!