Hoots Mon!

The Sandgrown Beardsmen Northward ho to Glasgow for the Braw Beard & Moustache Champs 2018!

While it was nae quite a braw, bricht, moonlicht nicht on Saturday the 24th February (23rd being merely a quarter moon), there were more than a smattering of howlingly handsome haries down the Drygate Brewing Co, Glasgow.

Sandgrown & Friends at the Drygate

Half-a-dozen of which represented the Sandgrown Beardsmen; Mssrs Ashton, Eva, Knowles, Murphy, Sowerby & Taylor (possibly the finest legal firm this side of the Pennines!).

Owen, James & Ben let the train take the strain

By road and rail they ventured to the erstwhile Scottish industrial heartland, checking into their overnight hotels and hostelries in readiness to sample the best that Drygate has to offer and put on a  show of the Fylde coast’s finest facial furniture.

Bearded and moustachioed brothers, and sisters, gathered from near and far in the early evening, some queuing to register, others enjoying a meal before combat begins, all eyeing up the competition around them in good spirits, whether they be from the UK, Europe, the US, etc.

The Northwest was well represented by not only the Sangrown Beardsmen but also our Liverbeard and Deva Victrix brothers.

Pete getting grilled…

No sooner had the scran been scoffed, the first pint quaffed and they were off. The category showing was on. The MC teasing out the usual niceties from the competitors as they file onto the stage and in front of the judging panel, with good humour and quips aplenty.

James T before the grand inquisitor!

Once the hard part is out of the way the music starts up, the crowd are several deep around the bar and the volume of the conversations increases, some step outside to be heard and do that which is verboten inside (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Have you got a light boy? Here’s my card…).

Bri’s turn…

And then, as if by magic, the results are announced.

Three at a time the category finalists mount the stage and await their fate. One by one, the results announced, In third place… In second place… and the winner is… although somewhat bizarrely second and third for Beard Over 10″ was settled by a round of Rock, Paper, Scissors! (We’ll let you fathom the whys and wherefores of that one).

Suffice it to say, at the end of the day, 50% of the Sandgrown Beardsmen present walked off with a trophy, to the light chagrin of some and cheers of congratulations from the many.

Mr Owen Ashton took third place in the Beard Over 4″ with Styled Moustache category.

Beard Over 4″ with Styled Moustache

Mr Michael Sowerby was handed second for Beard Under 4″ with Styled Moustache

Mr S in contention…

And Mr Ben Knowles won first for his Beard Over 4″!

Beard Over 4″

Collectively, that’s not a bad result for the boys from Beard HQ – 279 Church Street Barbers!

The Sandgrown Trophy haul…

As with all the ‘Sandgrown on Tour’ attendances there were new friends met and made, old friends embraced, none more so than honorary Sandgrown Beardsman Mr Russell Bristow – who himself took first for Best Moustache, and Mr Tom Ince of The Liverbeards, taking second for Best Partial on the night with his fine chops!

Tom & Russell, trophy holders both

In finishing – and while there was a Moose Loose Aboot the Hoose (or was that just the proverbial bear with a sore head) into which we won’t go – a grand day out for the Sandgrown Beardsmen with another three trophies for the cabinet! (Not that we’re counting. 😉 )

With that we’ll just say, “See y’all next year. Thank you, and good night!”.

Beard On Brethren!

Braw portraits by Number 94 Photography;

Ben K

Brian E

James T

Michael S

Owen A

Peter M