SBBMC 2017 – Winners Row

Our bearded, chop-tastic, moustachioed champions!

Left to right: Jack Creegan, Peter Murphy, Sean Dowdell, Russell Bristow & Michael Wallage

The inaugural Sandgrown Beardsmen Beard & Moustache Competition was awesome!

Our winners were;

Michael Wallage – Partial beard
Russell Bristow – Moustache
Peter Murphy – Beard over 6″
Jack Creegan – Beard under 6″
and finally, Sean Dowdell – Beard, styled moustache, plus the winner of Best in Show !!!!

Congrats to them and a huge thanks for taking part, and becoming the first Sandgrown Beardsmen Beard & Moustache Champions !!!

Huge thanks also to our sponsors;

Mat Wheelhouse of Barbershop Beard for their sponsorship and their fantastic Barbershop Beard oils for the winners !!!

Michael Sowerby of 279 Church Street Barbershop, and Owen Pouncy of Scrooges bar for their generosity and support.

We couldn’t have asked for a better night or warm-up towards hosting the British Beard & Moustache Championships 2018!

All proceeds donated to the Football 2 Amsterdam ride completed by SandGrown Beardsman David Hayhurst in aid of Prostate Cancer UK.

Beard On Brethren!