Message from SBHQ: We Raised £465 Last Saturday!

£465 Raised at the 1st Sandgrown Beardsmen Bear & Moustache Competition!

An Awesome Effort From All Involved!

So whilst we were competitive bearding our man David Hayhurst was perched upon his saddle riding from Yorkshire to Amsterdam, raising funds and awareness for prostate cancer.

We at the Sandgrown Beardsmen are enormously proud of him for his successful journey, and well exceeding his target of £1000 overall!

A huge thanks goes out to Barbershop Beard, 279 Church Street Barbers, Scrooges Bar, Liverbeards Beard and Moustache Club, FineFettle and Southwest Beard Club for helping us get this done!

A massive thanks go out to guys from the Liverbeards. Michael Wallage, Adam Frearson, Ben Waddington, Russell Bristow and John Henry Crosby, to name a few that took the time out to come up to our comp from all over. Unexpected but hugely appreciated.Thanks to them men!

Everyone who took an interest, bought a ticket and showed up!

And last, but by no means least, my fellow Sandgrown Brethren! Who have made the club what it is. Many thanks!!!

Beard On Brethren!